Our Channel Lineup


12:00a Classic Western

2:00a  Classic Western

4:00a  Classic Western

6:00a  Classic Western

8:00a  Classic Western

9:00a  CG 1st Baptist Church

10:00a Wilsey Christian Church 

10:30a Lyona United Methodist Church

11:30a CG Life Church

12:30p Herington's St. Paul Lutheran Church 

2:00p  Herington's Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

3:30p  CG Congregational Church

4:30p  CG/Dunlap United Methodist Church

5:30p  Classic Westerns

9:30p  The Rebel

10:00p Bonanza

11:00p   Daniel Boone

Monday - Friday

12:00a Midnight Classic Movie 

2:00a  Dragnet

2:30a  Mr. & Mrs. North

3:00a  Peter Gunn

3:30a  Sherlock Holmes

4:00a The Adventures of Robin Hood

4:30a The Adventures of Robin Hood

5:00a Daniel Boone

6:00a The Rebel

6:30a The Beverly Hillbillies

7:00a  NuStream How-To 

7:30a  Nature Adventures

8:00a  Morning Classic Western

10:00a Annie Oakley

10:30a Roy Rogers 

11:00a  The Rebel

11:30a   Daniel Boone

12:30p The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

1:00p   The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

1:30p    McHale's Navy

2:00p   Classic Movie Matinee

4:00p   NuStream How-To 

4:30p   Nature Adventures

5:00p  The Adventures of Robin Hood

5:30p  The Adventures of Robin Hood

6:00p  Bonanza*

7:00p  Evening Classic Western*

9:00p  Peter Gunn

9:30p  Dangerous Assignment

10:00p Man with a Camera

10:30p  The Beverly Hillbillies

11:00p   McHales's Navy

11:30p   Rat Patrol


*some programs will not show

on Braves Football or Basketball LIVE Game Nights or Game Replay Evenings. 


12:00a  Classic Movie

2:00a   Classic Movie

4:00a   Classic Movie

6:00a   Classic TV Comedy

6:30a   Classic TV Comedy

7:00a   NuStream How-To 

7:30a   Nature Adventures

8:00a  The Adventures of Robin Hood

8:30a  The Adventures of Robin Hood

9:00a  The Adventures of Robin Hood

9:30a  The Adventures of Robin Hood

10:00a  Annie Oakley

10:30a  Annie Oakley

11:00a   Annie Oakley

11:30a   Annie Oakley

12:00p   NuStream How-To

12:30p Nature Adventures

1:00p   Braves Sports Replay

5:00p   Classic Movie

7:00p   Classic Movie

9:00p  Classic TV Comedy

9:30p   Classic TV Comedy

10:00p  Peter Gunn

10:30p  Flint Hills Living

11:00p   McHale's Navy

11:30p   McHale's Navy


CG City Meetings

 Following First & Third Tuesday

12:00a  Classic Movie

2:00a   Classic Movie

4:00a   Classic Movie

6:00a   Classic TV Comedy

6:30a   Classic TV Comedy

7:00a   CG City Council Meetings

9:00a  The Adventures of Robin Hood

9:30a   The Adventures of Robin Hood

10:00a  Annie Oakley

10:30a  Annie Oakley

11:00a  The Roy Rodgers Show

11:30a  The Roy Rodgers Show

12:00p  NuStream How-To

12:30p  Nature Adventures

1:00p    The Roy Rodgers Show

1:30p The Roy Rodgers Show

2:00p The Roy Rodgers Show

2:30p The Roy Rodgers Show

3:00p  Classic Movies

7:00p  CG City Council Meetings

9:00p  Classic TV Comedy

9:30p  Classic TV Comedy

10:00p Classic TV Comedy

10:30p Classic TV Comedy

11:00p  Classic TV Comedy

11:30p Classic TV Comedy