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Advertise With FHLC!!

The Flint Hills Life Channel has many opportunities for you to advertise your business, including
community event sponsorships, shop local campaigns, holiday advertisements and live Braves Sports!
Click the links below to learn more!!
We have two options to broadcast commercials!
Option 1: Our local channel is hosted on our parent company, TCT.
We are channel 2 on their channel lineup.
​Option 2: We have a partnership with Prime Media Productions who can play commercials on
USA, TNT, HGTV, CNN, FOX NEWS, LIFETIME & ESPN in a chosen demographic.                           To contact PRIME MEDIA click HERE

 Production Professional

Mindy Andres
Video Producer
Mindy is a Flint Hills native. She comes from a farming and ranching family. 
She loves using her video and photography skills to tell people’s stories!
looks forward to working with our clients to produce the best advertising!
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