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12/06  Braves vs Central Heights - Audio Only - No Replay

12/10   Braves vs Silver Lake - Replay 12/21

12/13   Braves vs Rock Creek - Replay 12/21

12/20  Braves vs Lyndon - Replay 01/04

01/03  Braves vs Jefferson West -  Replay 01/11

01/07  Braves vs Osage City - Replay 01/11

01/13   Braves vs West Franklin - Replay 01/18

01/14   Braves vs Chase County - Replay 01/18

01/20 - 01/25 Flint Hills Shoot Out - Replay 01/31 

01/28  Braves vs Wamego - Replay 02/01

01/30  Braves vs Marion - Replay 02/01

02/03 Braves vs Northern Heights - Replay 02/08

02/07 Braves vs Clay Center - Replay 02/08

02/11   Braves vs Abilene - Replay 02/15 

02/14   Braves vs Sacred Heart - Replay 02/15

02/18   Braves vs Riley County - Replay 02/22

02/25  Braves vs Burlington - Replay 02/29

03/02 Braves vs Lyons Sub-State -  Replay 03/07 5p

03/03 Braves vs Hesstion Sub-State - Replay 03/07 6:30p

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